Sunday, April 21, 2013

Powers - Africa/Funnyboys 7" (No Label, 1979)

Here is an interesting band which I know even less about than in my last post... The B-side "Funnyboys" is a catchy song with a slightly snotty tone in the vocals, giving it an all around good sound. Pretty straight forward and not bad, all things considered, but the real stand out track for me would definitely be the song "Africa." With heavy feedback coming from the guitar, a driving beat, and of course let's not forget the most important part of all, a xylophone, which I must add is used to just the right degree of insanity.

Overall a great single, with an almost early GG Allin sound on vocals, performed by none other than Tony Powers himself, the man who founded the group. And of course, any information further regarding this mystery 45 from NY would be greatly appreciated!

"Africa" by Powers

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