Friday, October 17, 2014

Gooch - Don't Go Away / The Only Girl For Me 7" (Moon Records, 1976)

The band eventually changed their name to The Leopards in 1977 and released a couple more singles and LPs thereafter. Futher information about The Leopards can be found here.

Gooch - "Don't Go Away"

Gooch - "The Only Girl For Me"


Fools Face - Way Back In '78 / Will To Live 7" (Bubble Records)

Good rockin' single. Not entirely sure if this is their first or their second 45 but both records have one really good track on each of 'em. Not even really certain if this was released in 1978, '79 or '80...

Fools Face - "Way Back In '78"

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tommy Trash - I'm A Disgrace / Why Not 7" (Sound Patterns, 1983)

Superb Michigan rock 'n' roll with great and hilarious lyrics! "Momma says I'm a disgrace -To the human race. Daddy wants to punch me right in my face, 'cause I'm a disgrace, to the human race..." Some copies are translucent green while others are black (demo).

Tommy Trash - "I'm A Disgrace"

Plains, The - Hold Of Me / Get Along 7" (Triaxe Records, 1981)

Really great unknown record. Not sure exactly where they are from but definitely from the US of A. "Get Along" is a rip-roarin' helluva good track.

"Get Along" by The Plains

Rockin' Rebellions - Don't Let Go / Any Way The Wind Blows 7" (Gold Groove, 1967)

Cool Alabama garage with organ. Unfortunately the flip isn't as rockin'. Enjoy!

Rockin' Rebellions - "Don't Let Go"