Thursday, July 31, 2014

Joe Hampton - Dogs In Traffic / Scrambled 7" (Rockenstein, 1980)

"In 1980 Joe Hampton recorded the single Dogs In Traffic and he hosted one of the first cable music video shows in New Jersey called Cable Rock." -

Joe Hampton - "Dogs In Traffic"

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Central Departure - Rock-N-Roll D.J. / Love 'Em Leave 'Em Lucille 7" (Got-Lev, 1981)

Great powerpop single out of Brooklyn, NY. Both sides are fantastic. This 45 was never issued with a sleeve. Have a listen to both sides!

Central Departure - "Rock-N-Roll D.J."

Central Departure - "Love 'Em Leave 'Em Lucille"

Bop - You / Cherie 7" (Hottrax, 1981)

Light weight powerpop hailing from Florida. One side of the sleeve is blue (as shown) while the other side is the same image only in black & white.

Bop - "You"

Cold, The - Three Chord City / You 7" (Top Pop Records, 1980)

One of the finest powerpop singles ever recorded. There are a lot of others that I would consider just as good but for some reason the track "Three Chord City" just does it for me. B-side is a flop but the A-side is a top pop!

Not sure if one came before the other but there are two sleeve variations.

Cold - "Three Chord City"

American Noise - Satutory Sue / Another Girl Like You 7" (Kriminal, 1982)

New wave/powerpop outfit from Ohio. "Statutory Sue" ain't so hot but the flip has a nice enough sounding chorus to make it worth while.

"Another Girl Like You" - American Noise

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kid Courage - I Don't Wanna Dance / I'm A Fanatic 7" (A.P.E. Records, 1980)

Their 2nd, and arguably best, single on A.P.E. Records. While their first single is decent enough with the track "Coast To Coast", I think that that record pales in comparison to this one, with the great song, "I'm A Fanatic."

Kid Courage - "I'm A Fanatic"

Chapter 13 - Burned To Emptiness / Nuclear Car 7" (Company Music, 1982)

Punk/wave outfit from NY. Minimalistic styled sleeve that is altogether very effective. Don't know much about the band but the song "Burned To Emptiness" is very infectious.

"Burned To Emptiness" - Chapter 13