Saturday, May 31, 2014

Doc Bart - Remember Iran / Ayatollah Rocked 7" (DRA, 1980)

From Newport Beach, CA. Most copies that I have seen come with a very xerox-looking sleeve that appears to be an excerpt from a newspaper or magazine.

"Remember Iran" by Doc Bart

Monday, May 19, 2014

First Things - First Things First 7" (Skid, 1982)

Punk/wave band from Champaign, IL. This is their sole release and it is quite rare. Not sure if they played live shows or not? The sleeve design is top notch!

First Things - "Pretty Mouth"

First Things - "Bad Chemicals"

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Buzzards, The - Melody / Call Me +2 (Dead Meat, 1979)

Bar band from Chicago, IL. While all the songs are catchy in their own way, the track "Who Are The Boys?" is the definite stand-out track - I think it may of been featured on a compilation, as well? I posted their more punk release a few months back but figured I'd post this as well... Same picture sleeve for both releases.

"Who Are The Boys?" by The Buzzards

Comets, The - Big Business Jokes / Help Me 7" (Orange, 1983)

Florida mod/punk on Orange Records, but not the Orange Records that was affiliated with GG Allin. This is their 2nd release. The band also released an earlier 45 and a 10" record. No sleeve issued with either single.

Comets, The - "Big Business Jokes"

Monday, May 5, 2014

Jason Didit - Sell Me Some Beer / You're Bringing Me Down 7" (Megacity, 1982)

Great punk/glam from Washington, most likely from Seattle. Sleeve scan was stolen from someone's Tumbler page 'cause I ain't got the time to scan these things.

"Sell Me Some Beer" - Jason Didit

A Band - Lowly Worm / No Love 7" (Nancy, 1979)

Recorded at Sorcerer Sound, NYC, 1979. Don't know much of anything else about this band... Have a spin and check it out for yourself.

"No Love" by A Band

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pretty Poison - Gimme Gimme (Your Autograph) / Kill You 7" (Poison Pops, 1981)

Catchy punk/wave from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I believe this is their 1st release...

"Gimme Gimme (Your Autograph)" by Pretty Poison

"Kill You" by Pretty Poison