Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tin Twist - Sometimes It's Funny +2 7" (Mo-Da-Mu, 1981)

The band were based in Vancouver, BC and this is the first release on the Mo-Da-Mu label.


Tin Twist - "Stupid Cars"

Chuckleheads - We Are The Chuckleheads / I'm A Chucklehead 7" (Not On Label, 1980)

I believe that the first time that I heard the track "I'm A Chucklehead" was on one of those really great Chuck Warner Hyped2Death releases back in the early 2000's. Probably never would of heard this band otherwise. Nam sayin'?

"We Are The Chuckleheads" by The Chuckleheads

"I'm A Chucklehead" by The Chuckleheads

Bolivians - Self-Titled 4 Song 7" EP (Red Records, 1979)

"The Bolivians had the D.I.Y. look, but they were plainly comfier borrowing from the Seeds and Max Frost on "Underground Passion." The rest is a discomfiting mishmash of Pere Ubu, Contortions, and maybe Root Boy Slim. Pre-Secrets [Teenline #102]."


Bolivians - "Spy In The House Of Love"

Bolivians - "Underground Passion"

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Th' Cigaretz - Crawl Rite Outta My Skin 12" LP (Cancer Records, 1980)

Each copy has a uniquely silk-screened cover created by various band members. The album itself is a conglomerate of various live recordings and definitely has some great moments.

Th' Cigaretz - "Beer"

Th' Cigaretz - "Fight Or Flight"

Th' Cigaretz - "Disposable Lighter (For Your Love)"

Skuddzies - Bomb Iran / Bomb Iran 7" (Controversial Records, 1980)

Mystery promo record featuring a parody song of the Beach Boys' "Barbara Ann." Not sure where these guys were from? Perhaps from Vancouver? A man named Floyd Turbo is responsible for the writing of the lyrics.

Skuddzies - "Bomb Iran"