Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chuckleheads - We Are The Chuckleheads / I'm A Chucklehead 7" (Not On Label, 1980)

I believe that the first time that I heard the track "I'm A Chucklehead" was on one of those really great Chuck Warner Hyped2Death releases back in the early 2000's. Probably never would of heard this band otherwise. Nam sayin'?

"We Are The Chuckleheads" by The Chuckleheads

"I'm A Chucklehead" by The Chuckleheads

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trgec said...

Cheers...nice to hear some old and unheard stuff like this one...I know them from H2D,too;and I wonder what's happen with a lot songs from first iusses of comps(1#,11#,21# etc) because on newest releases missing some titles(I've got all 6 CD comps)...anyway,as I said good to hear old punk songs and it would be nice if in the future see posts by some bands like Boulevard(moron city)Gynecologists(john wayne gacy)Kaos(street walker)The Kid & the Rebel(john lennon is dead)Shock Treatment(johnny no funanymore)Dads(thorazine shufffle)Mutuals(no wasps)Philosophic Collage(toxic puppies)Contenders(to the core)Wages(push it to the limit)Separates(real sick mind)Big World(take it to the top)Pom Poms(do the slam)Genetic Invasion(preliminary screening)Barriers(from the dirt)Graphic Shadow(i only did it)Stoned(phonebook killer)...Keep goin' man and thanks!