Sunday, January 12, 2014

Buzzards, The - Meltdown Boogie // Where's My Dog 7" (Dead Meat, 1979)

This single has a distinct bar band sound albeit with the right amount of ineptness that gives it a punk edge. The maniacal background synth is a nice touch, as well. Their 2nd 7" is not bad either. It's kind of a rough rip on this one as my copy is beat up pretty bad...

Buzzards - "Meltdown Boogie"

Harry Wagner's Identity Crisis - Holiday In Pittsburgh 7" (TMI, 1981)

Great primitive punk. The song "Another One Night Stand" is a total monster of a track! No sleeve issued. Featured on the same label as the band Carsickness.

"Another One Night Stand" by Harry Wagner's Identity Crisis

Brian & The Fear - Go To A Bullfight // Fear Of Death 7" (Tu-Tu, 1980)

Extremely rare, and possibly sought after, single from New Jersey. Mostly new wave with some punk elements.

Brian & The Fear - "Go To A Bullfight"