Saturday, June 28, 2014

Surface Music - I Am A Janitor / Slim Boy 7" (Red Rose, 1980)

Synth-punk from San Francisco, CA. Better sounding than the horrendous sleeve leads you to believe. Engineered by David Denny at Isolation Studios, 1980.

Surface Music - "I Am A Janitor"

Micks - I Want To Be With You / Money Talks 7" (Not On Label, 1980)

Killer A-side on this slab from this presumably Canadian band? I believe that they were based in Vancouver, BC, but I am not entirely sure. Now do as the sleeve says and 'PLAY IT LOUD !!'

"I Want To Be With You" - Micks

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dave & The Customerz - Fighting Machine / Spice Island (Sky Fi, 1980)

More music from the Gulf War punk vault! The sleeve for this single is merely a single-sided insert. Rarely turns up but it is for sure one of the better releases on the Sky Fi label.

"Fighting Machine" by Dave & The Customerz

Cliché - I Ran From Iran / Protection 7" (Communiqué, 1980)

Quirky novelty punk from Huntington Beach, CA. The band also released another 3-song EP circa the same time frame as this release.

Cliché - "I Ran From Iran"

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hard Horn & Art - Mister Mister +3 7" EP (No Label, 1978)

One angry track on an otherwise funk orientated record. "I'm Not Nice" is an amazing track, if you're into really lo-fi music full of disdain. PS - The band is from Philly.

"I'm Not Nice" by Hard Horn & Art