Saturday, November 29, 2014

The New Left - Drivin' / It's Not Political 7" (Kingpin Records, 1983)

Post-punk from New Jersey. Recorded at Gift Horse Studio on May 19, 1983.

New Left - "Drivin'"

New Left - "It's Not Political"

Dads, The - '64 Valiant / Thorazine Shuffle 7" (PG Records, 1981)

Another release from Minnesota that seldom turns up. To sleeve or not to sleeve, that is the question.

Dads - "'64 Valiant"

Dads - "Thorazine Shuffle"

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Musical Chairs - Memorabilia / Gimme Restitution 7" (REM, 1982)

Super catchy powerpop from Minnesota. They also released at least one other single and a full length LP which features the song "Memorabilia" among other great tunes.

Musical Chairs - "Memorabilia"

Friday, October 17, 2014

Gooch - Don't Go Away / The Only Girl For Me 7" (Moon Records, 1976)

The band eventually changed their name to The Leopards in 1977 and released a couple more singles and LPs thereafter. Futher information about The Leopards can be found here.

Gooch - "Don't Go Away"

Gooch - "The Only Girl For Me"


Fools Face - Way Back In '78 / Will To Live 7" (Bubble Records)

Good rockin' single. Not entirely sure if this is their first or their second 45 but both records have one really good track on each of 'em. Not even really certain if this was released in 1978, '79 or '80...

Fools Face - "Way Back In '78"

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tommy Trash - I'm A Disgrace / Why Not 7" (Sound Patterns, 1983)

Superb Michigan rock 'n' roll with great and hilarious lyrics! "Momma says I'm a disgrace -To the human race. Daddy wants to punch me right in my face, 'cause I'm a disgrace, to the human race..." Some copies are translucent green while others are black (demo).

Tommy Trash - "I'm A Disgrace"

Plains, The - Hold Of Me / Get Along 7" (Triaxe Records, 1981)

Really great unknown record. Not sure exactly where they are from but definitely from the US of A. "Get Along" is a rip-roarin' helluva good track.

"Get Along" by The Plains

Rockin' Rebellions - Don't Let Go / Any Way The Wind Blows 7" (Gold Groove, 1967)

Cool Alabama garage with organ. Unfortunately the flip isn't as rockin'. Enjoy!

Rockin' Rebellions - "Don't Let Go"

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tin Twist - Sometimes It's Funny +2 7" (Mo-Da-Mu, 1981)

The band were based in Vancouver, BC and this is the first release on the Mo-Da-Mu label.


Tin Twist - "Stupid Cars"

Chuckleheads - We Are The Chuckleheads / I'm A Chucklehead 7" (Not On Label, 1980)

I believe that the first time that I heard the track "I'm A Chucklehead" was on one of those really great Chuck Warner Hyped2Death releases back in the early 2000's. Probably never would of heard this band otherwise. Nam sayin'?

"We Are The Chuckleheads" by The Chuckleheads

"I'm A Chucklehead" by The Chuckleheads

Bolivians - Self-Titled 4 Song 7" EP (Red Records, 1979)

"The Bolivians had the D.I.Y. look, but they were plainly comfier borrowing from the Seeds and Max Frost on "Underground Passion." The rest is a discomfiting mishmash of Pere Ubu, Contortions, and maybe Root Boy Slim. Pre-Secrets [Teenline #102]."


Bolivians - "Spy In The House Of Love"

Bolivians - "Underground Passion"

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Th' Cigaretz - Crawl Rite Outta My Skin 12" LP (Cancer Records, 1980)

Each copy has a uniquely silk-screened cover created by various band members. The album itself is a conglomerate of various live recordings and definitely has some great moments.

Th' Cigaretz - "Beer"

Th' Cigaretz - "Fight Or Flight"

Th' Cigaretz - "Disposable Lighter (For Your Love)"

Skuddzies - Bomb Iran / Bomb Iran 7" (Controversial Records, 1980)

Mystery promo record featuring a parody song of the Beach Boys' "Barbara Ann." Not sure where these guys were from? Perhaps from Vancouver? A man named Floyd Turbo is responsible for the writing of the lyrics.

Skuddzies - "Bomb Iran"

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Joe Hampton - Dogs In Traffic / Scrambled 7" (Rockenstein, 1980)

"In 1980 Joe Hampton recorded the single Dogs In Traffic and he hosted one of the first cable music video shows in New Jersey called Cable Rock." -

Joe Hampton - "Dogs In Traffic"

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Central Departure - Rock-N-Roll D.J. / Love 'Em Leave 'Em Lucille 7" (Got-Lev, 1981)

Great powerpop single out of Brooklyn, NY. Both sides are fantastic. This 45 was never issued with a sleeve. Have a listen to both sides!

Central Departure - "Rock-N-Roll D.J."

Central Departure - "Love 'Em Leave 'Em Lucille"

Bop - You / Cherie 7" (Hottrax, 1981)

Light weight powerpop hailing from Florida. One side of the sleeve is blue (as shown) while the other side is the same image only in black & white.

Bop - "You"

Cold, The - Three Chord City / You 7" (Top Pop Records, 1980)

One of the finest powerpop singles ever recorded. There are a lot of others that I would consider just as good but for some reason the track "Three Chord City" just does it for me. B-side is a flop but the A-side is a top pop!

Not sure if one came before the other but there are two sleeve variations.

Cold - "Three Chord City"

American Noise - Satutory Sue / Another Girl Like You 7" (Kriminal, 1982)

New wave/powerpop outfit from Ohio. "Statutory Sue" ain't so hot but the flip has a nice enough sounding chorus to make it worth while.

"Another Girl Like You" - American Noise

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kid Courage - I Don't Wanna Dance / I'm A Fanatic 7" (A.P.E. Records, 1980)

Their 2nd, and arguably best, single on A.P.E. Records. While their first single is decent enough with the track "Coast To Coast", I think that that record pales in comparison to this one, with the great song, "I'm A Fanatic."

Kid Courage - "I'm A Fanatic"

Chapter 13 - Burned To Emptiness / Nuclear Car 7" (Company Music, 1982)

Punk/wave outfit from NY. Minimalistic styled sleeve that is altogether very effective. Don't know much about the band but the song "Burned To Emptiness" is very infectious.

"Burned To Emptiness" - Chapter 13

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Surface Music - I Am A Janitor / Slim Boy 7" (Red Rose, 1980)

Synth-punk from San Francisco, CA. Better sounding than the horrendous sleeve leads you to believe. Engineered by David Denny at Isolation Studios, 1980.

Surface Music - "I Am A Janitor"

Micks - I Want To Be With You / Money Talks 7" (Not On Label, 1980)

Killer A-side on this slab from this presumably Canadian band? I believe that they were based in Vancouver, BC, but I am not entirely sure. Now do as the sleeve says and 'PLAY IT LOUD !!'

"I Want To Be With You" - Micks

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dave & The Customerz - Fighting Machine / Spice Island (Sky Fi, 1980)

More music from the Gulf War punk vault! The sleeve for this single is merely a single-sided insert. Rarely turns up but it is for sure one of the better releases on the Sky Fi label.

"Fighting Machine" by Dave & The Customerz

Cliché - I Ran From Iran / Protection 7" (Communiqué, 1980)

Quirky novelty punk from Huntington Beach, CA. The band also released another 3-song EP circa the same time frame as this release.

Cliché - "I Ran From Iran"

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hard Horn & Art - Mister Mister +3 7" EP (No Label, 1978)

One angry track on an otherwise funk orientated record. "I'm Not Nice" is an amazing track, if you're into really lo-fi music full of disdain. PS - The band is from Philly.

"I'm Not Nice" by Hard Horn & Art

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Doc Bart - Remember Iran / Ayatollah Rocked 7" (DRA, 1980)

From Newport Beach, CA. Most copies that I have seen come with a very xerox-looking sleeve that appears to be an excerpt from a newspaper or magazine.

"Remember Iran" by Doc Bart

Monday, May 19, 2014

First Things - First Things First 7" (Skid, 1982)

Punk/wave band from Champaign, IL. This is their sole release and it is quite rare. Not sure if they played live shows or not? The sleeve design is top notch!

First Things - "Pretty Mouth"

First Things - "Bad Chemicals"

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Buzzards, The - Melody / Call Me +2 (Dead Meat, 1979)

Bar band from Chicago, IL. While all the songs are catchy in their own way, the track "Who Are The Boys?" is the definite stand-out track - I think it may of been featured on a compilation, as well? I posted their more punk release a few months back but figured I'd post this as well... Same picture sleeve for both releases.

"Who Are The Boys?" by The Buzzards

Comets, The - Big Business Jokes / Help Me 7" (Orange, 1983)

Florida mod/punk on Orange Records, but not the Orange Records that was affiliated with GG Allin. This is their 2nd release. The band also released an earlier 45 and a 10" record. No sleeve issued with either single.

Comets, The - "Big Business Jokes"

Monday, May 5, 2014

Jason Didit - Sell Me Some Beer / You're Bringing Me Down 7" (Megacity, 1982)

Great punk/glam from Washington, most likely from Seattle. Sleeve scan was stolen from someone's Tumbler page 'cause I ain't got the time to scan these things.

"Sell Me Some Beer" - Jason Didit

A Band - Lowly Worm / No Love 7" (Nancy, 1979)

Recorded at Sorcerer Sound, NYC, 1979. Don't know much of anything else about this band... Have a spin and check it out for yourself.

"No Love" by A Band

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pretty Poison - Gimme Gimme (Your Autograph) / Kill You 7" (Poison Pops, 1981)

Catchy punk/wave from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I believe this is their 1st release...

"Gimme Gimme (Your Autograph)" by Pretty Poison

"Kill You" by Pretty Poison

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Used Goods - Runaround/Drive In 7" (Big Monkey, 1983)

"The Used Goods from Jacksonville, Mississippi, play mid-tempo punk rock’n’roll. Great guitar action and well sung vocals. Certainly worth picking up." - FLEX!

"Runaround" by Used Goods

Projections, The - Hyperactive/Individual 7" (Mirror, 1982)

Obscure Michigan band with their sole release. Rarely see this 45 make it to the surface. Rave Up Records did some sort of reissue to which I've not heard as of yet.

Projections - "Individual"