Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Projections, The - Hyperactive/Individual 7" (Mirror, 1982)

Obscure Michigan band with their sole release. Rarely see this 45 make it to the surface. Rave Up Records did some sort of reissue to which I've not heard as of yet.

Projections - "Individual"

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. The Rave Up Records EP (Detroit Punk Rock History Repeats Itself) has been out for a couple of years. It is readily available online and on Ebay. Here is image of the cover:

So cool that you included a bit of Individual. A very raw basement demo can be had (along with the rest of the original and remastered tracks) for a "name your price" purchase at

the Projections

P.S. The hand-striped cover that you show is very rare. Did very of few of them.