Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Legendary Flobs - Dead Popes/You're In Danger (Flobs Records, 1979)

This time I picked a cut from the UK. The Legendary Flobs, from Hayes, UK, located in the Greater part of London, have a knack for dealing in vagueness... I know next to nothing about this band other than the fact that the song 'Dead Popes' is a total rocker!

At first glance this looks like it might be withholding something similar in vein to a Crass band of sorts. Nothing wrong with Crass bands... I think that Rudimentary Peni are fantastic -- I'm just trying to use a point of reference here. However, once you pull your dusty record player out of the storage closet and drag your blown speakers out of the garage, you spin this sucker and you're sure to have a religious experience. Play loud!

Legendary Flobs - "Dead Popes"

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