Saturday, April 20, 2013

Blinders - Last Chance EP (Warped Records, 1979)

This gritty sounding EP was, according to the liner notes written inside the fold-out sleeve, recorded in a basement -- And by the way this recording sounds so rough and raw I can believe it too...

Doing a Google search doesn't really turn up too much information on the band, other than the fact that there were two sleeve variations printed out for this release, one with four members on the cover and one with only three! Guess there was some bad blood among the group and they decided to omit one of the members from the cover -- Ouch! Some further information can be found on this splendid Louisville Punk website.

The band also released another later 7" and a 10" record after that. Great early punk hailing from Louisville, Kentucky. The harmonica gives this particular record a great blues-y feel that you can't help but love. Have a listen!

Side F - Can't Sit Down
Side 3 - 1979, Last Chance

Blinders - "1979"

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