Sunday, February 16, 2014

P.S. - P.S. / Look What I've Got 7" (No Label, 1977)

The band had to change their name from No Dice to P.S. to avoid confusion with another band with the same name. Stickers with "P.S." stamped on them cover the original name on both sides. Great fuzzed out guitar sound. . .

P.S. - "P.S."

P.S. - "Look What I've Got"


Permanent Records said...

If anyone can put me in touch with anyone involved with this record, please drop me a line at lapermanent (at) gmail (dot) com

David Berlin said...

An absolute KICK-ASS track that avoids going punk and just focus on rockin out.

Can you pleeeaaassee make the file downloadable, I needs it!!

dustbinfinds said...

I didn't realize that the mp3's were set so that they are not downloadable. I changed the settings so you can download now.