Sunday, July 14, 2013

Student Teachers - Channel 13/Christmas Weather 7" (Ork Records, 1979)

Five piece new wave band from New York. Great jangly guitars on this single. The band existed from 1978-80 and then, just like dust in the wind, they were gone. They also have a second single and a handful of tracks on a compilation that I can't quite think of...

Student Teachers - "Channel 13"

Student Teachers - "Easter 78 - Halloween 80" 7" EP (Not Quite Records, 1980)

Here is a track from their second self-released single. The bass sound on the song "Samantha" is incredibly pleasing to my refined and regal aural tastes. Now where did I leave my grey poupon?

Student Teachers - "Samantha"

For further information here is a link to their official band page.

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