Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bit, The - Don't Wanna Be Rejected 7" (Vista Records, 1980)

This mystery single is definitely American, albeit I don't know where from...  No matter where 'bouts in the Americas this puppy sprung up from, the song "Don't Wanna Be Rejected" speaks for itself in the realm of lost 80's pop songs. I'm not 100% percent sure but I do believe that this was released sans sleeve, and this copy, if not all copies, is a promo, so quantities may of been limited to a small pressing.

Some of the guitar licks have a slight country tinge to them at times which leads me to believe that this may of been a Midwestern band, perhaps from Wisconsin or Nebraska? As per usual, if you know any more information please get in touch!

Bit - "Don't Wanna Be Rejected"

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edjgraphix said...

Actually, The Bit was a band from Southern California. My cousin Tommy was the band's guitarist for a while - not sure how long though. Anyways, he gave me this 45 and another called, "The Band Of Your Dreams." My cousin lived in Whittier, CA at the time, so I'm pretty sure that the band was also from Whittier. Don't remember much more at the moment, but I hope this helps.